<aside> 💻 Currently: OMM requires your computer to have some kind of GPU (graphics card), either integrated or dedicated.


If you or someone in your group has terrible frames per second, more likely than not it will be because OMM isn't able to use their graphics card. Here are some steps to diagnose and hopefully fix that:

1️⃣ Checking your GPU

<aside> 🔗 What do you get when you go to this website? https://pmndrs.github.io/detect-gpu/


You should see something that looks like this:


Keep an eye out for the "tier" category:

If your "tier" is low, please continue with the steps below.

2️⃣ Enable Hardware Acceleration

Google Chrome may be ignoring your GPU by default.

To check this:

<aside> 🔗 Go to System Settings ( chrome://settings/ → Advanced → System ) and make sure **"Use hardware acceleration when available" ****is enabled.


In case this option was already enabled, please move on to step 3.

3️⃣ Override GPU blacklist

Sometimes older GPUs/drivers will be blacklisted by chrome.